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06 January 2012 @ 02:35 am
[The absolutely amazing Larry Butz is going to the movies by himself on a Saturday night because all his friends are too busy being lawyers to join him. He opens the door to the familiar theater and steps inside, only to find...

...what? This isn't the theater at all... He looks around in confusion, trying to place his location. He turns to go back through the door he came in, thinking he must have went inside the wrong building (it wouldn't be the first time). He yanks on the doorknob and found not the city street he had come from, but instead a closet that seemed to be full of cleaning supplies.]


[He shuts the door. Opens it again. Same thing. Tries it a few more times. Still nothing. Just a whole lot of brooms and mops and buckets. He blinks at the cleaning supplies in utter confusion, then closes the door one last time and turns around to get a better idea of his surroundings. After several moments he finally has some idea... It certainly took him long enough.]

It... it looks like a hotel...

[He furrows his brow in further confusion.] How did I get here to begin with? I was going to the movies...

Um... Hello? Is there anyone here?

[Waiting for a response, he ponders where to go or what he should do. The city outside the windows seems unfamiliar, and as he lingers there he is beginning to feel a sense of panic.]

What if I never get to see my friends again? What did I do to deserve this? I hope someone comes soon...
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26 December 2011 @ 06:50 am

[In appears newborn baby one of the multitudinous variations of Miles Edgeworth, hotel brochure and travel itinerary (handled by detective Gumshoe, Miles took his chances acknowledging the risks) in hand. He enters his supposed room, which, by the way, looks nothing like the brochure in the slightest. With an exasperated resignation to the unexpected contretemps of fate, he finds himself oddly, if not slightly uncharacteristically, unfazed, prompting him to mutter aloud to himself:]

...I have grown astoundingly accustomed to his incompetence.

[[Hours-old Edgeworth. He has absolutely no clue what's going on, and I suspect, is in for quite a few surprises. Here's to hoping this community still stands...]]
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11 November 2011 @ 08:19 pm
[One more leap like this into unfamiliar territory and Phoenix is sure he'll have to just resign himself to popping up in bizarre locations with no explanation at all. As it is, he's wondering if this is some kind of new life for him.]

Wonder if anybody else is here...

[He unlocks the door to his room and peeks out into the hall. No sign of life, but he leaves the door propped open just in case, and goes to sprawl on his back on the bed.]

At least the bed is comfortable.

[Commence channel surfing on the in-room TV.]

((idk I need some practice with Feenie's voice so here I am hoping I did this right!))
28 October 2011 @ 11:30 am
[Somewhere in this hotel of hammerspace, a door is ajar, and a whole cacophony of sounds can be heard - the clash of steel against steel to the tune of upbeat battle music that would put many drummers to shame, as well as yells such as, "You will never defeat me!" or even "Early...Summer...RAIN JAB!"

And if you enter this room, the first thing you will see is a great big cushy red couch. The second would be a giant television. And the third would be a set of great big speakers blasting that music along with those sound effects.

Seated on that great big cushy red couch is one (1) Larry Butz, twiddling a game controller while his eyes are glued to the screen, where the Evil Magistrate is hotly pursuing that great hero of justice, the Steel Samurai, across the landscape of Neo Olde Tokyo. Both of them are running, jumping, every so often fighting...and it looks like Larry's got this game down, since his HP bar still has about three quarters of life left, and the two little Steel Samurai masks tell him that he also has two more lives.

There are three other controllers attached to whatever that game console is. And heck, there are even other consoles around, as well as a stack of video games.


Yup, for once, Larry's keeping his big trap shut while he's plugging away.]

04 July 2011 @ 10:43 pm
This is the classiest damn coffee shop in the whole city. The walls are paneled with mahogany, the tiles in black and the carpets in red. There's a slow jazz record playing over the speakers, punctuated by the hum of soft voices as the patrons speak to each other.

It's a hot night, but that doesn't stop the shop's most frequent patron from coming in. He's dressed down a little bit from his usual courtroom attire, his tie loosened and his vest unbuttoned, and he sits at a lone table in the corner by the window, well into his fifth or sixth cup of coffee.

His briefcase sits alongside him and a folder of his current casefiles on the table, but he doesn't appear to have touched them. Behind that glowing visor it's impossible to know what he's thinking or even what he's looking at. The barista? The lights of Los Japangeles the city outside the window?

A young couple sits at a table out on the porch. He's dressed to impress and she's beautiful, with long dark hair. He keeps making her laugh and she's clearly smitten.

Godot watches them for a moment, then turns away, signaling for the waitress to bring him another cup of coffee.

The bell on the door rings and someone else comes inside.

[Action or log-style are both cool with me.]
[ A busy magician never has time to look at doors! For that matter, a busy defence attorney with a minor in magic never has time to look at doors. This may be why she continuously gets lost- even if she's been in the courthouse more times than she can count in the last ten years- but it doesn't matter. She's still got the magic in her, she can just pull a quick disappearing act and it's like she was never lost.

Okay. Maybe she's just rambling to herself. Because one Trucy Wright, Attorney at Law, hasn't got any magic trick that will get her out of here. Though she certainly isn't adverse to trying all the smoke and mirrors she can manage. Apologies, residents, but she's really late for this meeting with the Judge. ]

SHOOT! Ohhh, I'm gonna be so late. [ Brb, trying all of the doors. All of them. ]
30 May 2011 @ 05:36 pm
[Kay had been pacing. Waiting. Waiting for someone to tell her that all of this was a mistake and that she would be free to go. Somehow, while pacing, she ended up in the hotel lobby. She stopped and stood there in the middle of the polished floor, and looked up, down and to her sides.

This was not the detention center. For one thing, that guard who always told her to shut up and sit down was not with her anymore.]


Am I...free to go? Did they catch the real murderer? [The girl fiddled with the badge on her scarf before quickly letting it go as if she had picked up a bug instead. Then she started wandering around, looking for others. She seemed to be alone so far. Her forehead creased in worry; she almost wished she was back in the detention center.]

[OOC: Bad end!Kay anyone? She was arrested after the first confrontation of AAI-5 and charged with murder and arson. As well as being the Yatagarasu.]
28 May 2011 @ 11:42 pm
[She'd been walking along the street, meandering outside more than anything else, in an attempt to clear her mind and stop herself from dwelling on the events of the past week. It hadn't been working very well, and with each step she just found herself thinking about everything more, wondering why things had turned out they way they had.

Not having paid much attention to where she was going, she had taken a wrong turn somewhere, but she hadn't really noticed until she finds herself standing in a room without any recollection of ever opening any door. Once she discovers that she's definitely not anywhere near where she's supposed to be, she stops and stares, her eyes wide.]

Huh? Weird... What is this place--

[She breaks off with a small gasp as she takes a closer look at her surrounds. Racks of clothing, and a startling amount of familiar blue suits. Those blue suits.]


[As soon as she's called his name out, she realizes how futile it is. He's left, he's gone, why would he be here, even if all his suits are? And even if he was here, why would she want to talk to him anyway? She wouldn't, would she? ... Would she?

Despite everything she's said, she's not so sure after all.

It's still really strange, though. She didn't really remember him owning quite this many suits.]
20 May 2011 @ 09:37 pm
[It's no secret that Apollo is a fan of logic and information. So being thrown into a new world is a situation with neither logic nor a wealth of information. He's completely out of his element but he's not panicking. N-not at all!]

Excuse me, I--

[The woman just walks on by, barely sparing Apollo a glance. So he decides to try the closest person.]

Could I talk to you for--?

[An elderly man just shuffles on. Getting more and more flustered and seeming more frantic, Apollo tries the man at the convenience store.]

I have a few questions. [The man walks away.] Hey, wait! [He keeps walking...] HOLD IT!

[...the man just keeps going as though Apollo didn't just burst his eardrums.

Exhausted, disheartened, and panicked, Apollo leans against one of the walls of the hotel and looks about as dejected as anyone possibly could.]

(Keep calm, Justice. Think of the Chords of Steel.)
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[Phoenix has been feeling kind of off since the moment he woke up. he's been woozy, lightheaded, and he keeps getting this feeling that whenever he tilts his head to one side, his brain follows half a minute later. still, he's been repeatedly shaking it off since morning, deciding it's nothing major enough to keep him from going about his daily schedule. Phoenix likes his daily schedule; in fact, he's become much more of a fan of it than he ever was back home since he arrived at this place. that is to say, sure, he's had his curling-up-in-bed-trying-not-to-cry phase for a day or two, but with so many people he knows and cares about here, as well, he had to snap out of it pretty quickly, and as things are, he'd really rather not revert back into it. he likes having a routine, one that involves doing things, because it's enough to make him feel like this is almost normal.

and that's why he's insistently gone on about his day, doing his best to ignore any episodes of lightheadedness that have struck him. just now, he came back to the hotel after shopping for groceries, and he's just a few feet away from going back to his office, when he's suddenly hit with a dizziness significantly worse than he's felt all day. it catches him off-guard, causing him to teeter to the side, until he comes to rest against the wall. he screws his eyes shut, the lights in the corridor suddenly far too bright for him]

Nrrrgh... (I don't feel so good...)