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acedressing's Journal

Ace Attorney Dressing Room: WE OBJECT!
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What? This isn't where you wanted to be? We know. You've just ended up here by fluke. Complete chance, really- whether you were in your own world or off in some other strange place. You can't leave- not right away, at least, because we want to play!

The dressing room is, quite literally, a dressing room. You arrived there by opening a door. Which door? Well, that doesn't matter, because at the exact moment you stepped through it, there's a disruption in the fabric of space and time, and you found yourself somewhere else entirely than where you wanted to be. The room is very large, full of clothes hanging on racks, and with two large mirrors on opposite walls.

If you were to try the door behind you again, you would not go back the way you came, but rather, out into the building the dressing room is located in. It is something like a hotel, with dozens of floors and countless bedrooms. There is a main lobby, a kitchen, and you'd probably be able to find, other more interesting places if you looked for them. (That is to say, making up areas is A-OK.) Oh, and there's a key in your pocket. Since it doesn't look like you'll be going back home any time soon, how about staying?

The city outside is nowhere you've seen before, bustling and modern, and while the locals are generally nothing out of the ordinary, any attempts to ask them anything about the place will earn you an instant cold shoulder. There also doesn't seem to be any way to leave -- there's no sign of cross-country transportation.

Look on the bright side, though! Some people you know are here -- though then again, sometimes there's more than one of each, and more than one of you -- and, hey, if you're lucky, maybe the universe will hiccup again during one of the next times you open a door, and you'll find yourself back home. Maybe.

THE SHORT VERSION IS: Your character is in a dressing room, in a hotel, in a foreign city, with people they know and alternates of them and the people they know. They are able to hop between the canon-world and the DR at your will. Whether or not they'll keep their memories of the DR while outside of it is up to you.

ACE DRESSING is a place where all Ace Attorney related roleplay journals can converge and go nuts. We don't do apps or waiting or character limits, so if you need a place to practice your character voice, go right ahead and do it! Any sort of AU/Variation on the characters is totally fine.

The rules, however, do exist!
1. Be respectful towards other players. This one is a given; don't flame, wank, troll, or do anything else OOCly to make your fellow players uncomfortable. Got an issue with the way someone plays a character? Politely leave a note on their HMD if they have one, or send them a PM.

2. Keep posts to a PG-13 level. If you want to smut, take it to your own journal.

3. Have fun!